Graham Bath
Graham BathFounding member of the GTB
Graham Bath can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience in testing.
Jürgen Beniermann (Capgemini Deutschland GmbH)
Jürgen Beniermann (Capgemini Deutschland GmbH)Member of the GTB
Jürgen Beniermann got his first computer in 1985 and has been hooked ever since.
Ralf Bongard (ISARTAL akademie GmbH)
Ralf Bongard (ISARTAL akademie GmbH)Member of the GTB
For more than 15 years, Ralf Bongard has been assisting well-known companies – as a consultant, coach and trainer. His focus is on requirements engineering, test management and the training of expert trainers.
Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger (imbus AG)
Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger (imbus AG)Member of the GTB
Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger is Principal Consultant at Method Park Consulting GmbH and has been involved in software testing and software quality for almost 20 years.
Francis Fenner
Francis FennerMember of the GTB
Francis Fenner has worked in software testing for over 23 years. After studying Public Administration at the University of Limerick, he completed a postgraduate diploma in Information Technology at the National University of Maynooth.
Florian Fieber (TestSolutions GmbH)
Florian Fieber (TestSolutions GmbH)Chairman of GTB
As Chief Process Officer at TestSolutions GmbH, Florian Fieber is responsible not only for the test process management of the entire organization, but also for the complete training area with the “QualityDojo – TestSolutions Academy”.
Thorsten Geiselhart (Marquardt GmbH)
Thorsten Geiselhart (Marquardt GmbH)Member of the GTB
Thorsten Geiselhart studied Electrical Engineering at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences and has been working since his diploma thesis in 2004 at Marquardt GmbH in Rietheim-Weilheim in the area of Functional Software Test.
Jan Giesen (EUROIMMUN)
Jan Giesen (EUROIMMUN)Member of the GTB
For Jan Giesen, good communication is an important prerequisite for successful project implementation. It is crucial that all parties use the same terms for the same things.
Dr. Matthias Hamburg
Dr. Matthias HamburgMember and cash auditor of the GTB
It was a Year 2K project which introduced Dr. Matthias Hamburg, a software engineer of long-standing experience, to the new world of systematic software testing.
Prof. Dr. Timea Illes-Seifert (Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg)
Prof. Dr. Timea Illes-Seifert (Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg)Member of the GTB
What is so special about software testing? For Timea Illes-Seifert the answer is easy: For her, quality assurance is distinguished primarily through an engineering approach and through the great variety of activities associated with it.
Dietrich Leimsner (DB Systel GmbH)
Dietrich Leimsner (DB Systel GmbH)Vice chairman of GTB
Dietrich Leimsner likes to speak of the tester’s “dirty fantasy”, which cannot be replaced by machines, when he explains why even in times of test automation and AI-supported test case generation, the human element of the trained software tester must not be missing in comprehensive software quality assurance.
Werner Lieblang (trendig technology services GmbH)
Werner Lieblang (trendig technology services GmbH)Member of the GTB
In 1974, when Werner Lieblang first programmed a microprocessor at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany had just become Soccer World Champions for the second time.
Andreas Neumeister (CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG)
Andreas Neumeister (CGI Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG)Member of the GTB
Andreas Neumeister has been active in software quality assurance for over eight years, covering the entire software life cycle.
Horst Pohlmann (Lemförder Electronic GmbH)
Horst Pohlmann (Lemförder Electronic GmbH)Vice chairman and founding member of the GTB
Horst Pohlmann, born in 1958, studied Computer Science at the University of Paderborn and worked initially as a system developer in a branch of a software house belonging to the Rheinmetall group, where he first introduced the subject of software quality assurance.
Prof. Dr. Ralf Reißing (Hochschule Coburg)
Prof. Dr. Ralf Reißing (Hochschule Coburg)Member of the GTB
Prof. Dr. Ralf Reißing has been intensively involved with software engineering, quality assurance and testing since his studies in computer science.
Maud Schlich (The Qualiteers)
Maud Schlich (The Qualiteers)Member of the GTB
The main focal points of her activities are the coaching of test managers and test teams, the sustained introduction of software reviews and improvement of processes in test management.
Annette Simon (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)
Annette Simon (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)Member of the GTB
“It’s not about testing as much as possible – it’s about testing the right thing.”
This is the motto under which Annette Simon worked for more than 10 years at the world’s leading independent software quality specialist, the SQS Software Quality Systems AG in Cologne, which was merged into the Expleo Group in February 2019.
Dr. Frank Simon (Bank-Verlag, Cologne)
Dr. Frank Simon (Bank-Verlag, Cologne)Member of the GTB
Quality assurance is a holistic task, and it has something to do with competitiveness” – that is beyond question for Dr Frank Simon.
Tanja Tremmel (TM Tremmel Consult GmbH)
Tanja Tremmel (TM Tremmel Consult GmbH)Member and cash auditor of the GTB
Tanja Tremmel is CEO of TM Tremmel Consult GmbH, which is focused on improving software quality.
Sabine Uhde ( gmbh)
Sabine Uhde ( gmbh)Founding member of the GTB
The fact that Sabine Uhde today works as an expert in tester training is not merely a result of one single decision.
Stephanie Ulrich
Stephanie Ulrich Founding member of the GTB
Stephanie Ulrich belongs to those who were enthusiastic about software testing even back in the nineties, at a time when quality assurance did not have the status it has today.
Dr. Stephan Weißleder (MBition GmbH)
Dr. Stephan Weißleder (MBition GmbH)Member of the GTB
Quality is the location advantage in Germany – Dr. Stephan Weißleder is dedicated to the preservation of this advantage.
Marc-Florian Wendland (Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS)
Marc-Florian Wendland (Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS)Member of the GTB
Marc-Florian Wendland studied media informatics and then computer engineering at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences (formerly TFH Berlin).
Prof. Dr. Mario Winter
Prof. Dr. Mario WinterFounding member of the GTB
As scientist, Prof. Dr. Mario Winter is per se committed to independence. The professor works at the „Institute for Computer Science“ at the Technology Arts Sciences TH Köln, where he is a member of the main research subject „Software quality”.
Dr. Erhardt Wunderlich
Dr. Erhardt WunderlichMember of the GTB
Dr. Erhardt Wunderlich was already involved with programmable pocket calculators during his school years and was also repeatedly involved with software programming during his studies of physics/astronomy.
Peter Zimmerer (Siemens AG)
Peter Zimmerer (Siemens AG)Member of the GTB
Peter Zimmerer knows the challenges of software testing in practice – and has for many years.