Professional Profile for Testing

Professional Profile for Testing in a new version

Developments in IT, be it Industry 4.0, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or autonomous driving, increase the interaction of interrelated software-based systems and thus the complexity of their behavioral possibilities. Predicting quality as the adequacy and overall performance of system properties is becoming increasingly difficult. However, early requirements review and testing remain the most appropriate approaches to risk and quality assessment and must be carried out efficiently and effectively, i.e., professionally.

Professional testing requires capable people…

…and suitable organizations to work together with IT development in efficient processes for the quality of the product. This concerns not only the training and specialization of professional testers, but also the integration of test knowledge into other areas of responsibility as well as the establishment of corresponding project-specific and cross-project organizations.

In order to promote and support this, the GTB together with its partners, has developed the professional profile for testing (previously the professional profile of testers) as a reference scheme for personnel departments, department heads, but also testers and all those involved in IT projects.

The professional profile for testing is intended to provide ideas and structuring aids and is not intended to restrict the form of the chosen organization and software development process, whether agile, iterative or sequential. The reference scheme builds up a model of roles on the basis of subtasks in testing and specialization requirements and defines the associated knowledge and competence requirements.

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