Managing Director

Dr. Armin Metzger

Armin MetzgerDr. Armin Metzger was interested in software quality assurance already during his years of study. Even the degree dissertation for his doctor’s degree in physics dealt with testing subjects such as stochastic testing.
Working for the IT service provider GmbH from 1999 to 2005, Dr. Metzger remained true to the general subject of “quality“ in varying fields of activity within the software quality assurance and development processes. As departmental head and member of the executive board at, Dr. Metzger was responsible for business development and for large service projects in the field of complex and safety-critical IT.
Since 2016, Dr. Armin Metzger has devoted himself to the topic of software quality in full-time committee work. Until spring 2018, he supported the Arbeitskreis Software Qualität und Fortbildung (ASQF e.V.) as Director, and since April 2018 he has been Managing Director of the German Testing Board e. V. In this capacity, he has set himself the objective of advancing the content and organizational development of the association and a further opening towards new and changing target groups, in order to facilitate work that is more specifically targeted to the requirements of both universities and the market and society. Dr. Metzger sees the key to this in intensifying the partner network of the GTB with its premium providers and certification bodies: “The quality of the Certified Tester in Germany has been supported for many years by the quality in the partner network. This now needs to be exploited and expanded even more intensively.”
In his industry and research projects, Dr. Armin Metzger realized that the testing of software is an important and ever recurring task, whilst at the same time university training and training standards in the industry often leave a lot to be desired. This was one of the reasons why Dr. Metzger decided to become involved with the German Testing Board from the very start when it was being established.
Dr. Metzger keeps coming back to the subjects of effective and efficient processes and the practical relevance of testing know-how. He sees this as the basis for the industrial implementation of innovations and scientific results. To him, the GTB is an important platform for software testers to receive the knowledge they require, not only for their day-to-day work, but also for coping with new challenges. To this end, he feels that the GTB also contributes to the quality and efficiency of software development projects as important success factors for a sustainably successful business location Germany.
In his view, the GTB has already made a significant contribution to spreading the know-how about practical testing. He now wishes for a stronger national and international interlinking with the other relevant associations and organizations. His objective is that the Certified Tester standards worldwide will ultimately enhance the quality and efficiency in the development of IT systems.