Performance Testing

How much horsepower does your application have? And how many does it put on the road?

If you sometimes ask yourself this, then performance testing is a topic for you.

The aim of performance testing is to ensure that functionality is also provided under real usage and load conditions. Response time behavior, processing speed, resource utilization and no unexpected system crashes must be examined before going live. And this is all the more important in times of increasing demands.

The syllabus teaches what performance targets there are, what performance risks can occur and how these can be specifically checked in an application. Based on performance requirements, e.g. defined service levels, the basics of a performance test concept are shown and methods for the specification of individual test topics are trained. The critical topics of performance measurement, load generation and result evaluation are also part of the curriculum.

The targeted performance test is a basis for user satisfaction in production. It also establishes the basis for scalability, which makes it possible to control the targeted use of resources.

After successfully completing the training, participants will be able to design and specify performance tests that meet the requirements and set up the implementation, including measurements.

Business benefits

  1. Get to know what performance is and what the requirements and risks behind it are.
  2. Work out how to design, structure and implement a performance test and collect performance data.
  3. Determine how to prepare, evaluate, present and use the results.

Target audience

The syllabus is aimed at all persons involved in performance testing, system configuration and system monitoring activities. This includes people in roles such as

  • Load and performance test specialist
  • tester / test engineer
  • test manager
  • developer
  • System architect / system administrator



The curriculum is designed so that the training can be completed in 2 days. GTB-accredited training providers are available for training courses.


Like the ISTQB® Foundation Level, the exam lasts 90 minutes (40 multiple-choice questions) and can be taken with or without prior training by the GTB-authorized certification bodies. The prerequisite for the exam is the existing Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate.

Syllabi Performanztest / Performance Testing Version Year
Lehrplan CTFL Performance Testing – DE V1.0 2019
Syllabus CTFL Performance Testing – EN V1.0 2018