Refund of examination fees

The GTB e. V. has extended its funding measure concerning the reimbursement of examination fees for BAföG recipients. A refund of examination fees will now also be possible for students and trainees attending vocational colleges in general. BAföG recipients, however, will continue to get particular support as before.

The GTB will allocate a budget for this measure on an annual basis which is expected be sufficient to satisfy all applications of a year. This can, however, not be guaranteed. The award is based on the principle of “first come, first served”. An increase in the budget in one year is not provided.

The reimbursement of costs through the GTB for the first CTFL examination of students and trainees of vocational colleges will be made in accordance with the following reimbursement possibilities following application of the student or trainee:

Exam passed and BAföG recipient Exam failed and BAföG recipient Exam passed and vocational school/student; no BAföG
From 01.01.2017 up to max. 120 EURO 60 EURO 60 EURO

Costs for repeating exams are not covered by these rules.

For a reimbursement of examination fees, the GTB provides an application form (Application Form). The application must be received by the GTB within 6 months of sitting the exam.

The terms and conditions for reimbursement of exam fees applies to all exams through exam providers that are contractual partners of the GTB.