Security Tester

Hardly a day goes by without a new security flaw in existing software systems arising. On the other hand, the topic of security is gaining more and more gravity from the client’s point of view. Safety continues to evolve into the top quality-feature of software systems.

That is why the ISTQB has been offering a Certified Tester course since 2017, which is available in the German market since November 2018 through the German Testing Board. In terms of content, the security tester explores many ranges of safety without losing reference to testing. Market-wise, this combination leaves little that measures up.


  • Introduction to the syllabus
  • Fundamentals of safety testing
  • Purposes, goals and strategies of security testing
  • Security test processes
  • Security testing throughout the software lifecycle
  • Testing security mechanisms
  • Human factors in the IT security test
  • Evaluation of safety tests and final reports
  • Security test tools
  • Standards and industry trends


The is available for download
Minimum duration: 1110 minutes

To receive Advanced Level Certification in the Security Tester module, candidates need to complete the Certified Tester Foundation Level.
In addition, they must demonstrate to the Exam Board that they have sufficient practical experience to be certified at Advanced Level. That is, they must have at least three years of relevant academic, practical or advisory experience. For exact criteria of the practical experience please contact the responsible examination office.

Syllabi Security Tester Version Year
CTAL Advanced Level SEC Syllabus – EN
CTAL Advanced Level SEC Syllabus – DE