Briefly introduced

We Keep an Eye on Quality

The GTB as a union of committed subject matter experts and as a member of ISTQB stands for the practice-oriented qualification of software testers and systems.

Our lives are becoming ever more digital and digitization more complex. With the Certified Tester training scheme, the GTB supports industry and the general public in this challenge. We provide a common language and a de facto standard to develop your skills accordingly.

“Our offer is as unique as it is independent. This makes the work of the GTB so indispensable.”

Dr. Armin Metzger, Managing Director of the German Testing Board e. V.

What Do We Stand For?

Our vision

The GTB is an essential precursor to the quality of software and systems.

Our mission

The GTB is an association of committed techin matter experts and member of the ISTQB stands for practice-oriented qualification of software and system testers.

With the experts without detours to the goal: Professional verification and testing of software for better quality.

What Distinguishes Us?

Optimally Informed

The GTB develops and updates syllabi from the ISTQB® Certified Tester Program as well as related exam-questions to equip training providers and certification bodies in Germany.


Our training providers and certification bodies enable the dissemination of our training content and ensure that independent certification of participants takes place.


The expertise of our members is at the highest level. We have high expectations for software testing – and on our technical staff.

Your advantage

The German Testing Board is your reliable partner for practice-oriented qualification and certification of your software testers. Alongside our partners, we stand for the quality of software and systems.


The organization

GTB organizes its activities into working parties. These are based on the ISTQB® with the development and maintenance of the ISTQB® certified tester qualification scheme at the center of our work.

The board

The board of the German Testing Board consists of three members: Florian Fieber, Dietrich Leimsner and Horst Pohlmann.

Our members

The German Testing Board currently has 27 members and 2 honorary members, six of which are founding members. All members work voluntarily.