Prof. Dr. Timea Illes-Seifert

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Member of the GTB

Timea Illes-SeifertWhat is so special about software testing? For Timea Illes-Seifert the answer is easy: For her, quality assurance is distinguished primarily through an engineering approach and through the great variety of activities associated with it. This was the experience the software technician has made in all assignments where she was responsible for testing: during her studies, in projects in the economy, or in the context of research projects.

After many years as an executive in the field of quality assurance and testing in business, is she cince september 2020 Professor for Software Engineering at the Technical University of Aschaffenburg.

Improvement and learning – these could also be the motto for Timea Illes-Seifert’s engagement with the GTB. In conferences and seminars she came into contact with the German section of the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) and quickly realized that her own motivation and the objectives of the GTB were very well matched. Professionalization of quality assurance, establishing of the software tester as an independent profession and the engineering perspective quickly convinced her.

Today she is mainly involved with the continuing improvement of the exams which have to be passed by all future ISTQB® Certified Testers. The idea is to make this training certification yet more valuable.