Prof. Dr. Mario Winter

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Founding member of the GTB

Mario WinterAs scientist, Prof. Dr. Mario Winter is per se committed to independence. The professor works at the „Institute for Computer Science“ at the Technology Arts Sciences TH Köln, where he is a member of the main research subject „Software quality”. As far as the GTB is concerned, it is also the aspect of its independence, which motivates him to support the organization. Together with other representatives from universities and technical colleges, the scientist sees his role as somebody to ensure that the GTB will continue to pursue an independent strategy which is not tied to individual companies or any particular consultants.

Mario Winter has spent more than 20 years establishing the subject of software quality assurance as a separate and professional discipline within the field of IT technology and practice. Between 1983 and 1987, he led industrial as well as technical-scientific software projects. From 1994 to 2002, he was a scientific employee at the chair “Software Engineering” at the Open University Hagen, where in 1999 he earned his doctorate with a thesis about testing object-oriented software. Mario Winter has also made a name for himself as author and co-author of several books as well as many articles and conference presentations on the subject of software testing.

In addition to his commitment to the GTB, Professor Winter is also engaged with the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) in the areas of software test, analysis and verification (TAV). In doing so, he builds bridges between science and practice; an aspect which is close to his heart as a university lecturer. Showing the practical relevance of knowledge is also an aspect which is important to him at the GTB. For these reasons, the scientist appeals for an increased involvement of test managers and testers from industrial projects in the processes of the GTB.