Graham Bath

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Founding member of the GTB

Graham BathGraham Bath can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience in testing. After studying Systems Engineering at the Middlesex University London and the University of Surrey, where he graduated with the Master of Sciences degree in this subject, his very first assignment led straight to the testing of software: in an avionic project he gathered his first experiences with quality assurance. For him, the main attraction of the work of a tester is that it combines so many different technologies and colleagues. For Graham Bath, a good tester is capable of dealing with and communicating convincingly with a diverse range of people, which is precisely what he has done throughout the years.

Professionalization of the testing profession is therefore also one of the main objectives of the GTB founding member, who today works as Principal Consultant at T-Systems, Test Factory. One of his greatest concerns is to keep the quality of the GTB syllabi for the Certified Tester training up-to-date at all times. This is reflected in Graham Bath’s activities at the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) as member of the Advanced Level and Expert Level working groups. At national level, he is leader of the Advanced Level and Expert Level working groups for the GTB, who are responsible for the creation of the syllabi in German. As English native speaker, he is perfectly suited to building bridges with the English-speaking testing boards.

Graham Bath appreciates in particular that his work for the GTB gives him the possibility to directly influence and promote the professionalization and standardization of testing, instead of complaining about the fact that they are sadly lacking.

In addition to these activities, his engagement for testing has also resulted in a book. Together with Judy McKay, who is also one of the core authors of the new Advanced Level syllabus, Graham Bath has recently published „The Software Test Engineer’s Handbook“ at RockyNook. The book is a study guide for the new Advanced Level syllabus aimed at Test Analysts and Technical Test Analysts.