Thorsten Geiselhart

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Thorsten GeiselhartThorsten Geiselhart studied Electrical Engineering at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences and has been working since his diploma thesis in 2004 at Marquardt GmbH in Rietheim-Weilheim in the area of Functional Software Test. Subjects which have inspired and influenced him from the very beginning include „constructive destructivity“, reading between the lines in specifications, as well as the close cooperation with software development.

Having started out as manual tester with responsibility for control panels, he later became involved in the successful introduction and establishment of hardware-in-the-loop test systems at Marquardt GmbH. In addition to this, support and induction of the colleagues in Romania during the development of the local test site there was part of his task spectrum.

Since 2013, Thorsten Geiselhart has also been responsible as Senior Expert Testing & Processes at Marquardt GmbH in their Systems Engineering Process Group for the continuous further development and training of test processes.

In this function, he supports his colleagues in projects through his „golden tester hands“ by spreading his know-how and passing on his experience, mainly through training courses and coaching. It is for these reasons that the work of the German Testing Board is very important to him. He came to know the German Testing Board during his involvement in the Certified Automotive Tester working group and became a member in 2016.