Jürgen Beniermann

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Jürgen BeniermannJürgen Beniermann got his first computer in 1985 and has been hooked ever since. What began as a pure hobby became a serious interest in the subject during his studies at BUGH Wuppertal and has now been his profession for over 25 years.

He has always remained an all-rounder rather than becoming a specialist in one area. From control with a single-board computer to Monte Carlo simulation on a mainframe, from assembler to high-level languages, from simple web software to security-relevant systems, there are few areas with which he has not come into contact.

Even during his time as an active software developer, he was more interested in testing than in actual programming. Since he switched completely to the field of software testing around 20 years ago, one of his main focuses has been on training and educating testers. As Managing Consultant at Capgemini Deutschland GmbH, he has been in charge of the training department at MarketU nit Sogeti for 13 years now and has taught many more people about testing during this time. Actively participating in the practical design of the training content is his individual concern in the GTB.